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About me

At work

As the head of PR Collaborative’s public policy portfolio, I work with think tanks, foundations, and nonprofit organizations to shape media campaigns, launch new digital entities, and platform issues on a national stage.

The public policy portfolio comprises public health, food and agriculture policy, land and animal conservation, and environmental issues as well as Swedish and Scandinavian organizations. Previous clients include the World Wildlife Fund, Oceana, Uppsala University, and the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future.

Prior to joining PR Collaborative, I was the founder and owner of Kate Reuterswärd Consulting, which provided consulting and PR services in Sweden and the United States, including the Embassy of Sweden DC, the Swedish Institute, and Malmö University. Before moving to Sweden, I worked at Women without Borders, an international nonprofit based in Vienna, Austria.

About me

I have a deep love for travel and have had the opportunity to live and work abroad in Sweden, Austria, and Italy. I am fluent in Swedish and am mostly conversational in Italian, can read in Spanish, and can probably still order a beer and some fries in German. I enjoy cooking, yoga, and spending time with my friends, family, and husband.